1. What is Clipper Coin Capital?

Clipper Coin Capital is a financial ecosystem that provides professional financial services to crypto market players through ClipperX Rating, ClipperX Capital, and ClipperX Investment Bank.

2. What does Clipper Coin Capital do?

Clipper Coin Capital provides professional financial services to the crypto market through:

ClipperX Rating is a rating system that helps crypto investors distinguish between high- and low-quality crypto assets. It combines efficient AI robots with an inhouse team of experts to provide timely and effective evaluation of cryptos and ICO projects.

ClipperX Capital is a crypto broker-dealer that provides investors with investment research, market making, and asset management services. It combines traditional financial product transactions and crypto trading while providing investment research, market making, and asset management services.

ClipperX Investment Bank is a crypto investment bank that provides traditional investment banking services to the ICO market, servicing token investors, project teams, and the general ICO market.

3. What are Clipper Coin Capital’s strengths?

Experience: Clipper Coin Capital has a seasoned team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in Wall Street hedge funds and banks, 10 years of experience in China’s capital markets, and are amongst the earliest pioneers integrating blockchain and financial markets.

Science-Driven Approach: Clipper Coin Capital combines a scientific approach to finance with innovative blockchain technology to balance the centralization of traditional financial markets and decentralization intrinsic to the blockchain. Finding this balance is essential for the healthy development of the crypto market.

Elite Team: Clipper Coin Capital team members have worked at Wall Street investment banks and hedge funds, IBM Watson Research Center, and hail from top universities.

4. What is the ClipperX Rating system?

ClipperX Rating establishes a simple and transparent evaluation system for investors to identify problem projects and choose quality cryptos. ClipperX Rating has two sets of ratings: ClipperX Rating and ClipperX ICO Rating.

ClipperX Rating is an independent rating system for listed cryptos that helps investors avoid traps and find the most reliable crypto assets - akin to a secondary market ratings system. Additional information can be found at: http://clippercoin.com/en/clipper_x.html.

ClipperX ICO Rating is an independent rating system of pre- or current-ICOs that helps investors avoid traps and find the most reliable crypto assets - akin to a primary market ratings system. Additional information can be found at: http://clippercoin.com/en/clipper_x.html.

5. What criteria does ClipperX Rating consider?

Operating Time: Time separates the strong from the weak. Has a crypto stood the test of time? Have there been definable project developments? How has the market responded? Project strength becomes clearer as time passes; as a result, mature projects will generally receive higher scores from ClipperX Rating.

Project: Projects determine the initial rating for a crypto and will continue to affect its prospects. Experts will evaluate a crypto project through its white paper, proposals, and team interviews. Instances of plagiarism, forgery, exaggerations, or false logic will adversely impact a project’s rating.

Team: Experts will interview and track project teams to evaluate their ability to meet deadlines, stability, and investigate if there are inconsistencies between claimed qualifications/abilities and reality.

Technology: Experts will evaluate open source code and project documents on Github. For young projects, the integrity of code and documents is paramount, while mature projects will be judged by its project community, developer feedback, and project efficiency.

Business Strategy: Business strategy examines a project’s executability and development plan. For application projects, business strategy is the essential factor. Experts will continuously collect project plans and implementation results to carry out statistical analysis, ultimately providing a rating.

Risk Compliance: ClipperX Rating’s legal team will conduct risk compliance evaluations. ExpertsExperts will evaluate a project’s competitive differences, innovation, and regulatory environment. Risk Compliance will not directly affect a project’s rating.

Development Status: Experts will consider the progress of project submissions, quantity of project customers/users, commercialization, and profitability. Development status is particularly important for mature projects.

Factor Inspection: Experts will have a checklist of objective elements to verify. Anything missing will reduce a project’s overall score.

6. What is the ClipperX Information Market?

The ClipperX Rating community is an information platform for crypto market players, including: crypto investors, project teams, ClipperX Rating and independent experts, crypto media, and other interested parties.

Crypto Investors:Crypto investors can find crypto investment opportunities and communicate with like-minded individuals on the ClipperX Rating community platform. ClipperX Rating will conduct investor KYC checks through questionnaires to recommend tailored investment opportunities based on risk appetite, investor age, income, assets, investment goals, and experience.

Project Teams:Project issuers can establish individual project pages on the ClipperX Rating community platform to display project information, invite experts to evaluate the project, attract investors, conduct project roadshows, and receive community feedback.

ClipperX Rating and Independent Experts: ClipperX Rating will rate ICO projects. Anyone on the platform will be able to view the latest ClipperX Rating rating reports, rating adjustments, and KPIs like project and team dependability. The ClipperX Rating community is a platform for independent experts to establish personal credit and branding in the crypto market. ClipperX Rating will invite independent experts to rate projects after having passed the ClipperX Rating certification of professional standard. Investors can follow experts’ ratings and tip using CCCX. Based upon professionalism, rating quality, and community influence, ClipperX Rating will also use CCCX to reward experts. Investors can also rate projects. ClipperX Rating will aggregate all “effective” ratings to generate an “audience rating.” This rating is based upon different criteria and perspectives than that of experts’. The combination of these two ratings will provide insightful feedback to the project team.

Crypto Media:ClipperX Rating will become a crypto information hub. Any personal or institutional media source can register in the ClipperX Rating Information Market, become a certified media source, and provide market participants with information, analysis, and discussion. ClipperX Rating urges impartiality and encourages internal supervision by all participants in the Information MMarket.

7. What services does ClipperX Capital provide?

ClipperX Capital is a broker-dealer on the ClipperX platform that combines crypto and traditional finance, and offers professional investment research, market making, and asset management services.

Investment Research: Investment research includes in-depth analysis and reports on both financial and cryptomarkets, which are deeply intertwined.

Market Making: Through data mining and analysis, ClipperX Capital will provide the crypto market with trading, market making, and derivative product services.

Asset Management: ClipperX Capital evaluates individual investment preferences and develops a personalized asset allocation plan. Investment strategies can vary between investment in individual bullish or a portfolio of cryptos; they can also combine short and long positions to better capture arbitrage opportunities.

8. What services does ClipperX Investment Bank provide?

Like traditional investment banks, ClipperX Investment Bank will provide professional investment banking services to the Token Sale market. For:

Token Sale Investors: ClipperX Investment Bank will review the project’s white paper, offer expertise, verify personnel backgrounds, research industry development, and propose investment recommendations.

Token Projects: ClipperX Investment Bank will provide white paper writing, project promotion, listing, and other services. Similarly, ClipperX Investment Bank will also provide industry research, consultation experts, legal advisers, accounting, and tax services.

Token Sale Market: ClipperX Investment Bank will organize an auction pricing mechanism based that fully reflects market supply and demand to promote healthy market behavior.


CCCX are ERC-20 standard digital tokens based on Ethereum. They serve as ecosystem incentives, rating rewards, and are the preferred payment method for all Clipper Coin Capital’s financial services.

2. What are CCCX’s features?

Clipper Coin Capital will issue CCCX as:

Ecosystem Incentives: CCCX will be used to encourage community participation based on market players’ trading volumes, credit assets, and other KPIs. This will establish a continuous incentive system and improve the network vitality.

Rating Rewards: CCCX will be used to incentivize independent experts and analysts to participate in the ratings market and release reports. Investors can use CCCX to purchase ratings reports and obtain exclusive information and analysis.

Payment: CCCX is the preferred payment method within the ClipperX financial ecosystem. Market players can pay for financial services with CCCX and receive incentives.

3. How will CCCX be allocated?

CCCX’s total token amount is 5 billion. The allocation ratio is as follows:

 Token sale: 50%;

 Foundation: 20%;

 Eco partnerships:15%;

 Team incentives:15%.

4. Will CCCX's smart contracts be available on Github?


5. How can I contact Clipper Coin Capital?

Website: www.clippercoin.com

Email: info@clippercoin.com

Facebook: http://fb.me/clippercoin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClipperCoinCap

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/clipper-coin-capital/

Telegram: https://t.me/CCC_official